Welcome to HOOF National Hunt Race Ratings

Welcome to the home of HOOF National Hunt Race Ratings. Our old website can still be viewed here, for a limited time, but all up-to-date information can be found here on the new site.

HOOF National Hunt Race Ratings are designed for a statistics-grounded value approach to horse racing over jumps in the UK. Unlike conventional race ratings, they offer the backer an authoritative guide to both form and value. The program which generates the ratings uses Bayes’ theorem to calculate each horse’s chance of winning. The resulting figures are then recalculated to give an edge in the backer’s favour. Hence the acronym: Horserace Optimum Odds Forecast.

The HOOF  National Hunt race ratings service publishes accurate, innovative, and informative race ratings, with the emphasis placed firmly on finding good value. We have been on the Internet since the 1995-96 NH season, initially as a free service, and latterly by subscription.  The success of the race ratings and the integrity of the service means that we have stood our ground with a small but loyal nucleus of satisfied users.


The System B pages have been updated with a free downloadable spreadsheet containing the data for the HOOF Race Ratings 2014-15 season (November-April inclusive). Click on the System B link to download.


Work will soon take place to provide an archive of results for the 2015-2016 Season (November-April inclusive). In the meantime, the archive contains 4 seasons’ worth of past data up to 2014-15.

With a little spreadsheet ability, the archive can be used to develop profitable approaches to the use of the ratings.

Publication of the ratings will resume after the customary summer break, on 1st November. The cost of a full season’s subscription remains unchanged at £99.

If you would like to subscribe, please let us know by email of your intention. You will be placed without delay on the distribution list pending receipt of your remittance.

The history behind HOOF National Hunt Race Ratings